This IS a military medical coup

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There’s no doubt – I’ve been saying it since March.

We’ve got the Coronavirushoax paired with the Great Reset.

We should rename this the Great Coronavirushoax Reset – GCR. Let’s hashtag it #GCR.
Its goal is to destroy the Corporation of the United States of America.
So far, it’s working.
Other countries are already signed up the NWO – the USA is the big fish that will send this over the top.
We’re looking at China as the model – an authoritarian, one party capitalist dictatorship.
Its efficient, undemocratic system is by far the most expedient method to run a society.

It’s a technocratic dictator’s wet dream.

It’s coming if people don’t unmask and wake up.

Source: A Coup in the Making – Fakeotube – thank you Rollo – ? Fakeologist

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1 thought on “This IS a military medical coup

  1. Gabriel

    I’m doing my part. Not wearing a mask. Sadly I am the only person at the grocery store not wearing one. Keep hoping I will see others without a mask.

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