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VAX THE LEFT Infinite Plane Radio 9 – 7-2020

2020-09-08 by Tim Ozman

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VAX THE LEFT Infinite Plane Radio 9 – 7-2020

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Tales from America’s COVID college campuses – The Mass Illusion

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How are things at Covid psyop central numbers factory?

Dystopian and hell don’t describe it.

Johns Hopkins University

Testimonial 1:

“1. 6 weeks ago, hybrid. Everyone back but sophomores kicked out of dorms, must rent a house or off campus to make room for freshman in singles. Jrs/Srs usually live off campus.

2. 3 weeks ago reverse course. Campus CLOSED do not come back. Sorry you signed a binding legal lease.

3. Many kids in apt/houses are going back (they ARE paying rent after all), to remote learn.

4. Couple off campus kids test +.

5. Hopkins sends threatening letter…no matter where you are, if you break Hopkins rules with masks, social distancing and being with more than 10 people, you can be expelled.

6. They urge people to rat on each other, and kids start FB page just for ratting.”


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