5 thoughts on “Fauci Pushes UN Goal To “Rebuild The Infrastructure of Human Existence

  1. xileffilex

    Boris Johnson October 6 2020
    Boris Johnson: PM lays out vision of post-Covid ** UK
    what a joke…keeping the idiots in the dark.

    Mr Johnson said the pandemic had “forced” the government into massively expanding the role of the state,

    well, that was lucky, wasn’t it?

    He warned the UK could not return to normal after the pandemic, which would be a “catalyst” for major change.

    “we must build back better by becoming more competitive, both in tax and regulation.” ***

    A clever diversion from what’s in store, and not a mention of the financial meltdown, the prepared control grid , AI and the ‘internet of things’ which he subtly rambled on about at the UN last September while wearing the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals badge [which was missing today].

    Comment from the BBC’s political editor –

    It was though short on detail of how the country will make it to his “New Jerusalem”, and how his promises would actually be made to happen.

    ** aka the “POST-CORONA” world in WEF terms

    *** this is wealth redistribution, the wiping out of the middle class.
    essential viewing and analysis – Dave and Spiro Oct 6 2020

  2. xileffilex

    The phrase Build Back Better was only used until recently after destruction caused by natural disasters. We await economic the engineered economic collapse.

      1. xileffilex

        either Global Currency Reset or Great Coronavirus Reset.

        The former has been pushed by Lagarde since 2014, and it’s all playing out now under cover of the fake pandemic.

        “reset reset reset”

        As Klaus said in July

        “we have to prepare for a more angry world” [@0.22] until zere iz a solution….but he doesn’t have too many remedies => needs zee great reset => global citizenship.
        It’s all BS.

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