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Liars, cheats, and epidemiologists

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Since epidemiologists are at the center of the coronavirushoax, it’s instructive to see what other areas of “science” these liars have wreaked havoc.

How about the beef industry?

It seems the war against red meat has more to do with the phony fight against global warming, and with the eugenicist oligarch plan to rid the world of humans and good natural food.

Check the 6 minute mark to see the level of science used to discredit the red meat industry. It’s pathetic.

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You CAN be too clean

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This phony fake drill story is the usual devoid of any information and full of the usual fake hoax numbers.

Maybe she was hoarding bleach to disinfect her house of covaids.

A woman is dead and ten people are injured, including six paramedics and three firefighters, in a chemical spill involving hazardous materials in Mississauga, Peel police and firefighters say.

11/911 throughout.


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Rona propaganda for Michigan youth

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More proof this is going to last a while.



[Infinite Plane Radio] DID OBAMA CALL BIDEN A WHORE MONGERING VAMPIRE ? Infinite Plane Radio 9 – 12 – 2020 #infinitePlaneRadio
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“Densely packed” rally, propelled by U.S. conspiracy theories

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9/13 Jeff

At least 15,000

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Media can never report the truth, either by direct lies or omission.

The most popular symbols at the protest — be it on t-shirts, placards or flags — belonged to QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory started in the United States that claims a satanic, pedophile cabal secretly controls the U.S. government, if not the entire world.

Source: Anti-mask protest in Montreal draws large crowd, propelled by U.S. conspiracy theories | CBC News

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