1 thought on “FAC742-Better FART

  1. dirtybenny

    Like most actors and actresses, I vote for Erin Moran as an androgyne.


    The child photos and aging photos are often a tell. The black and white Daktari and legging photos are striking.


    Stern’s “wife” is also an androgynous entity.


    Both Stern entities have publicly admitted to facial plastic surgery.

    As to the Cuties manufactured outrage, the blatant inversion of “Netflix stands by the film, calling it “a social commentary against the sexualization of young children.” is beyond absurd.

    To my eyes and sensibilities, all of the child stars of the motion picture look inverted as well.



    Just what these entities are remains to be seen. It is telling that so many of the “female” governors, prime ministers, mayors, and health directors are now in positions of control for the great COVID-AI (19) reset.

    I enjoyed JLB deconstructing allopathic medicine as well as his putting the simulation model on the table for discussion. The numerous synchronicities, 33’s, 911’s, 311’s, WW1 license plate, as well as the gematria that IPS has highlighted regarding 42 argue to be incorporated into a model of reality.

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