FAK245-Uncle Odd and Tom Barnett

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We have a great discussion with tombarnett.tv


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10 thoughts on “FAK245-Uncle Odd and Tom Barnett

  1. dirtybenny

    Excellent interview with a brilliant man.

    There are so many gems in this interview, it is difficult to pick one out. I really enjoyed his discussion of the mind, body, and heart connection as it relates to illness. This is my favorite Tom Barnett interview to date.

    Good work, Todd and Ab.

  2. superfooder

    We will be interviewing Tom Barnett tonight, 9/15, on TheBigVirusHoax.com Zoom Meeting 8pm Eastern USA.
    Tom is very generous with his time, and seems to love sharing his perspectives on life.
    Mike and Brian will be challenging Tom with some tough questions that haven’t been brought up on any of his videos yet.
    Join us and post your questions in the Chat.

    Great Interview Ab and Uncle Odd.

  3. xileffilex

    Interesting chat. I somehow think Yana won’t have been assuaged by Tom’s dismissal of her family’s stories of “covid, if we can believe them.. I wasn’t. Indeed, as I’ve said before, as a very fit and healthy young man I nearly died from a sudden onset of a covid-like viral pneumonia but which nobody else contracted.

    It’s also not so easy not wearing a mask when is not hiding behind a medical exemption, although I am surviving. The fear and personal threat level will always be raised to such a level that the majority conform. Whereas the opposite is true with things like speeding and parking charges, which for some reason, the mask wearing population don’t mind coughing up for when they’re caught. Strange that! Perhaps the level of threat isn’t great enough.
    Here in the UK we’re under financial penalty of having more than six people together inside or outside of one’s house. And the Minister of State for Policing [govt] is encouraging people to rat on their neighbours to the cops. People just love being in jail and love their jailors.

    East Germany comes to the UK.

    And Labour leader [of the opposition] Sir Keir Starmer told LBC he backed the rules ***.”

    Later, it was announced Sir Keir would self-isolate, after a family member showed possible coronavirus symptoms.


    i.e. there is no political opposition, this tool of the Trilateral Commission is just another globalist, taking his “fake corona” attack for the globalists.

    Stand by for more celebs and actors “contracting “corona” for the purposes of the next shut down.

    I’m surrounded by [highly intelligent] believers in the virus and pandemic and I’m going mad. Tom’s gently gently methods of dialogue are pointless in my experience.

    *** which don’t ever receive any parliamentary scrutiny

    1. YouCanCallMeAl

      Great interview. From strength to strength at the moment!

      I agree with xileffilex that it was a bit of an unconvincing reply to the ‘there is no virus – its all terrain’ point.

      But the reality to me, is that it is hard to tell. If people’s terrain is poor, it mightn’t take much to push them over into disease. This whole event has been very disruptive, shocking to most out there. Traumatic even. Even normies probably have a sense that deep waters are being stirred.

      Negative impacts such as deaths and illness must have been known and planned for, even in a theatrical production. There are the job losses, the staying at home, the breathing your expelled air, the NLP repetition of deaths and breathing issues etc – none of this is going to improve your health!

      So. my thinking is that the shock of this sort negative event could be a cause of disease for the gullible. Ie corona, the event, not the virus is wot did it. But, yeah, Tom could have made his point more strongly for Yana.

    2. dante

      “Indeed, as I’ve said before, as a very fit and healthy young man I nearly died from a sudden onset of a covid-like viral pneumonia but which nobody else contracted”

      recently? do you have a link to where you talked about this before? genuinely curious. i know a couple of people who have gotten sick, allegedly from ‘covid’ (tested positive …yes i know the tests are b.s ) but claim they had a violent version of ‘something’ …worse than they’d ever experienced before.

      i also have specific names of people that are known to friends of mine who purportedly died from it …apparently suddenly/ shortly after getting sick… not co-morbidities..not morbidly obese, diabetics or 85 year old grandpas. not many, but enough to raise an eyebrow as to whether it’s 100% manufactured, empty hospitals, ndngh, etc…

      hard to get more granular insight from where i’m at, and since normies take most everything at face value, and won’t investigate further, it’s hard to reach firm conclusions. but would like to learn more about your symptoms (where, when, how long etc..) and any other confounding factors surrounding the experience. thx!

      1. xileffilex

        sorry to be vague, Dante – I’m no longer young. It was more than 30 years ago, nothing to do with the current “pandemic”. I only mentioned it briefly in another comment a few weeks ago, because I had no underlying problems or pressures of any kind around May Day one year. One minute one feels a little strange, and instead of just lying on the sofa for a few days, one is a few hours afterwards fighting for one’s life. Not an experience I would like to repeat or wish on anyone.

        1. dante

          no apologies needed. i had a serious case of pneumonia in the 3rd grade, missing school for over a month. i recall one evening my mother taking me to the ER as my fever had eclipsed 106. i was somewhat oblivious, but I’d later heard they were concerned for my life. none of my family members got it, nor any classmates.

          many who auto-hoax illnesses might dismiss this experience as simply dietary. i can’t say for sure, but it was in the wintertime in new york. none of the meds were working, even the ivs at the hospital. in high school years, i often ‘got’ bronchitis and took antibiotics which were mostly helpful.

          i suppose none of that is relevant to covid, but i don’t think ALL these deaths / symptoms are fake, ‘just a flu’ or co-morbidities, despite all the familiar signs of fuckery.


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