Liars, cheats, and epidemiologists

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Since epidemiologists are at the center of the coronavirushoax, it’s instructive to see what other areas of 0;science” these liars have wreaked havoc.

How about the beef industry?

It seems the war against red meat has more to do with the phony fight against global warming, and with the eugenicist oligarch plan to rid the world of humans and good natural food.

Check the 6 minute mark to see the level of science used to discredit the red meat industry. It’s pathetic.

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1 thought on “Liars, cheats, and epidemiologists

  1. timr

    My compliments on the “Benoit Party” FAC from a couple weeks back! I’m finally listening and really enjoy everyone’s contributions… LSD, Velocet(?), Sarah, and of course Ab.

    Admittedly it’s heavy on humor and light on “serious content,” but that’s just what I needed today. And it does have some good on-the-ground reporting of peoples’ “lived experience” (hate that expression) dealing with covid fakery.

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