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Walker is from Phoenix, Arizona, and called me out on my mask capitulation.

You can call me anytime – I’ll talk about anything Great Coronavirushoax Reset. All calls are recorded and may be used with implied permission for broadcast.

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3 thoughts on “FAC746-Walker

  1. superfooder

    Hey Walker.
    Thank you for not wearing masks, ever.
    Mike and I at TheBigVirusHoax.com would love to have you join us on our Zoom Meetings, weekdays,, 8pm Eastern Time, so we can keep each other motivated.
    The Fakeologist, Ab, joins us regularly also.
    We would love to hear what’s happening on the ground in Arizona also.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Gabriel

    I’m with Walker in that I cannot stand to see people in masks. I think part of it is that I see these people are ignorant or just complicit. I can ask them if they know anyone sick and they never do but it somehow does not dawn on them that there is no pandemic. I still don’t know anyone sick or that allegedly died from the Event 201 made up virus. All of this is just insane.

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