8 thoughts on “Fakeologist on IPS

  1. dirtybenny

    “Must-listen-to” radio when IPS and Ab talk for an hour. What a treat! Doesn’t get much better than this…

    Hopefully, this could be a regular happening.

  2. dbuser

    Great call, Ab!

    Thanks for bringing up the 9/11 lie-witnesses in comparison to the Kenosha “shooting”.

    It took, what, 10 years for 9/11 footage to be proven fake by September Clues? Until then, that same footage—including the so-called ‘live broadcasts’—met the ‘burden of proof’ for most people.

    Despite that, Tim Ozman was/is certain that the burden of proof has been met by the Kenosha live stream footage and photos. That event could have been cheaply faked through 9/11-style coordination, pre-recorded ‘live streams’ and a few trusted ‘lie-witnesses’, pretty much the same 9/11 playbook in fact.

    Time will tell, as always…

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