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You’re in the Great Coronavirushoax Reset

like this

Thanks to Jr. for this banner.

Let’s get #GCR trending.

It’s the best way to describe these transition years.

Unless people wake up, you’re going to see a very different world in 2030.

This is transition year 1.

Hold on to your hats – the masks are nothing compared to what you’re in for.

Check your country name and add 2050 to it. America2050. Africa2050. Australia2050. EU2050.

Borders gone. Flags gone. City states. Megaregions. World Government Centers in City of London, Rome, Geneva, Jerusalem, Washington.

If you think your government out of touch now, just wait until 2050. Your taxes will be traveling even farther away, and services harder to come by.

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FAC747-UncleOdd discusses mask exemption

Be the 1st to vote.

We have a morning call discussing fake mask exemptions.

I’ll have Todd’s exemption template at fake11.com/masks when it’s ready.

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