3 thoughts on “They’ll die in their masks

  1. barbm124

    Hi ab, this Coleman guy appeared out of nowhere as many other fake anti-corona youtubers. He’s is an agent provocateur, nothing more. He is just polemic and never says anything of importance. yes I read what Miles Mathis wrote about him. The majority of people is just unsure and scared and not willing to realize that their beloved news are completely fake and always were. It’s religious and I call them the Corona Witnesses for fun but I don’t despise them. I’ve seen people being asked to leave a shop after they just corrected the mask a little to get some fresh air. But I still understand that if people believe in the reality of a pandemic they get scary any time they feel exposed.
    But back to the point.
    I have a new one: If the virus is so dangerous, where are the bio hazard containers for all the used masks. Shouldn’t the old mask be carefully collected and dealt with as they pretend to do with viruses in laboratories?

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      The only issue I have had with Vernon is he implies that he is pro-vaccine. However most of his material is bang on and you have offered nothing to make me believe he is a provocateur. I am sharing his videos with everyone I know and promoting him on Fakeotube.com

      1. xileffilex

        One optimistic thought I have is that there IS some kind of underground network of well-connected dissidents towards the top of the medical/scientific/economic tree who can’t show their hand, are who are locked into the current system, but are horrified by the nazi-style creep of the control system, where it’s leading for them and their children especially. Perhaps they are using Vernon and presenting him with a script which he reads.
        Otherwise, if everyone in the system is voluntarily and enthusiastically going along with the changes, well, we really are screwed.

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