FAK246-Markus Allen, and AndrewTruth34

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hosts a truthcast with me, Andrew, and Annette in the Oregon fires.

Fun Twitter girl (VERY adult)
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Overturning COVID restrictions and states of emergency
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2 thoughts on “FAK246-Markus Allen, and AndrewTruth34

  1. xileffilex

    Great chat. Not much interest in the wildfires over here in Europe. But there’s something weird going on. Pictures from Talent, OR from about 3:44 here

    The youtuber is always non-committal while at the same time pointing out anomalies. The guy around 6 mins doesn’t seem too bothered his old house has turned to cinders when his new chipboard dream house is untouched.

  2. dante

    Joe Rogan is not funny, nor are most all of his friends / guests. but many ‘failed’ comedians do wind up having massive systemic in other media formats (game show hosts, late night shows…now podcasting). interesting how he’s immediately had to retract comments since migrating to Spotify…and how some ‘controversial’ episodes apparently got the kybosh. not very surprising though. i’d certainly have taken the 100 mil. why not? it’s not like he was some bastion of truth seeking…openly mocking dinoskeptics, advocating for the veracity of the apollo missions with appeals to his BBB NT. essentially is a disciple of scientism… and a closet homosexual. other than that, he seems cool. high skill level in multiple disciplines which is admirable.

    just not standup.

    *Seinfeld is not funny either, but certainly more comedically gifted than Rogan. some of his bits are at least amusing.

    Larry David in contrast IS funny. Curb is / was best show on tv. But i don’t have much to compare as there’s so many series adding up that i haven’t seen.

    *Annette do you have any footage?

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