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Globalists Just Revealed That The ‘Great Economic Reset’ Is Scheduled For 2021

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My guess is it’s a 10 year plan to 2030 – and we’re in year 1.

For those not familiar with the phrase “global economic reset”, it is one that has been used ever increasingly by elitists in the central banking world for several years.I first heard it referenced by Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF at the time, in 2014. The reset is often mentioned in the same breath as ideas like “the New Multilateralism” or “the Multipolar World Order” or “the New World Order”. All of these phrases mean essentially the same thing.

Source: Globalists Just Revealed That The ‘Great Economic Reset’ Is Scheduled For 2021 –

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7 years ago – this cryptic speech was made – now it makes sense. Sometimes you have to wait.

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Clash of the controllers

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I don’t think they are a few families running everything, but I believe hundreds of gangs are at the top and often cooperating.

Richard Bell, another former insider, said to me: “People like to assume that money is everything. If you can limit the amount of money the public has, eventually they weaken and cave in and they’re easier to control. And this is certainly true. But on the other hand, as mega-corporations gain more power and range

The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/0…

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FAK247-Uncle Odd with some Markus Allen

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We start another show and have another epic guest “glitch”.

We do get long time supporter Tommy King III calling in on our listener line. Thanks Tommy for donating!

Not to worry, the two fake gas-bags can fill a couple of hours with the usual run down of the mas-q-raid.

Still, go to Markus’ escapenewnormal.com

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