FAK247-Uncle Odd with some Markus Allen

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We start another show and have another epic guest 0;glitch”.

We do get long time supporter Tommy King III calling in on our listener line. Thanks Tommy for donating!

Not to worry, the two fake gas-bags can fill a couple of hours with the usual run down of the mas-q-raid.

Still, go to Markus’ escapenewnormal.com

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18 thoughts on “FAK247-Uncle Odd with some Markus Allen

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    im a gullible ape so ill go out on the limb ,i,ll test als hypothesis everytime ab(the fakeologist) says you cant catch a virus whilst chatting with uncle odd on youtube , lets see if uncle evens it out with any distractions ,or satr.

    personally all media has houseclowns whatever the teir i cant tell , but id bet my life on abs sargacity,honesty and message you cant catch a virus and the whole technotakeover….i sound a bit gay but im not arsed , or gay

    p.s. ghandi died poor unexpectedly x, young fakeologist note his family are now billionaires en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonia_Ga…

  2. gaia

    An excellent sketch, good chat and conversation. Even though Uncle Odd was clearly joking, the people here fall for it anyway.

    And I don’t want any vaccines because I don’t want my or Molly’s immune system to be messed with. I never heard anyone claiming an immune system doesn’t exist, that is a next level of “fakeology”. How do wounds heals then? How does one recover from a temporary dis-ease? No explanation given, as too often. I am glad Ab that you didn’t go into that speculative ground.

    Ab, something that just happened to me is that all the videos on your site automatically start playing (I use Chrome), which on your main Coronavirusresethoax page is a bit… overwhelming.

      1. xileffilex

        i am getting two videos always autoplaying at once… like being in a crowded pub [if one can remember those days of the old normal…]

    1. smj

      The body banishes damaged cells and any immunity doctrine beyond that was given to us by le Pastuer qui dirigea le culte de la vaccination…


      early 12c., “small monastery, subordinate monastery” (from Medieval Latin in this sense), later “small room for a monk or a nun in a monastic establishment; a hermit’s dwelling” (c. 1300), from Latin cella “small room, store room, hut,” related to Latin celare “to hide, conceal,” from PIE root *kel- (1) “to cover, conceal, save.”

  3. YouCanCallMeAl

    I love Marcus Allen, shame about the tech problems.

    Uncle “I believe in vaccines” Odd
    Uncle “I’ll do anything to stay on YouTube” Odd

    Seriously though, lying for the greater good? Do the ends justify the means?

    Of course we all need to discern anything anyone says, but such easy 180 degrees changes in positions are, well, Odd.

    1. YouCanCallMeAl


      Todd, you can’t go around saying that there’s not going to be a revolution against the system ‘cos 99% are wearing masks, whereas you’re not.

      The reason you are not wearing a mask is because you have successfully petitioned the system for an exception. Your actions are not revolutionary, they are a system hack. This sort of workaround is actually supportive of the system, as you are accepting its authority over you.

      In laughing at the 99% you are actually laughing at others who can’t play the system as well as you. You are NOT undertaking an act of rebellion in getting a mask exemption, or in changing what you say to accommodate youtube.

      1. YouCanCallMeAl

        1:37:20 Todd says:
        “I sent this to my investment advisor 2 months, and I said it not like if you can’t beat them join them but I’m like but your company should drill down on this and get a sense as to what’s going on in the industry”

        Using the WEF to decide where to invest? Yes, Todd is “funding the problem” – you said it Ab.

        Seriously, make money, do well in life – all power to you. But if you’re dealing in ‘truth’ and you’re being disingenious, prepared to lie, you shape-shift your opinions for YouTube, laugh at those stuck in the system who cannot afford the exemptions you can, and pretend your a man of truth – you’ve lost my interest.

        Truth is a LARP for Todd, I think. An opportunity to become a conspiracy persona. Perhaps he’s seen an investment opportunity too.

        Ab, you are a stepping stone for Todd’s LARP.

        It would be more excusable if this was the first time this has been brought to Todd’s attention, but it isn’t. I have been over this with Todd on JLBs site. I had thought I had made the point and he had taken it to heart but its clearly not the case. While I think ‘fakeology’ genuinely does interest Todd, at best he sees this is really a personal growth opportunity for him. The ‘Uncle Odd project’ is either not being undertaken in good faith, or Uncle Odd is unaware how much personal work he still has to do.

          1. YouCanCallMeAl

            No one is perfect (even Gandhi and his Inner Temple bar associations). I don’t object to people making money, or making mistakes. That’s part of life.

            But truth is special – it’s the absence of lies. By his own words, we can see this is not the case. If it was naivete that’s one thing, I personally wouldn’t care. I would possibly draw attention to it, offering my thoughts so that they have a chance to correct themselves or correct me. In good faith we would learn and understand each other better. I did this 2-3 months ago with Todd.

            What it seems to be is that Todd is a system man posing as a man of truth. The double standards are too much.

            Its not a pleasurable discovery to me – I had been enjoying your shows, and said as much in previous comments.

              1. smj

                You might have to email him. It doesn’t seem like he checks the blog all that often. He’s a bit like the farters that way.

                1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

                  All I hear now is tip of the spear, and Promethean’s and realms, uncles mouth runs his brain, if he should have vehicle warning reverse noise for everytime he backtracks , but he’s in the big leagues now, Mandela effect, woo,hoo
                  So was barenstaains bears first edition changed after it became popular, did the guy who played Timmy in lassie say live on air that his autobiography was called Timmy in the well because there never was a well episode, did cannon films regularly film multiple scenes, 007 because they were well known for extending films and not paying actors for extra releases, return of the musketeers, cannon regularly got a film to play over 2 nights on t.v, extra cash,
                  This gullible ape is now gonna watch smeagle strangle his brother. ..

              2. YouCanCallMeAl

                I don’t say he’s not a good man – I’ve no idea. And fine, don’t respond to comments here. It would be certainly be hard to explain his position away.

                What you can certainly say from what he says and his burgeoning role as a ‘truth commentator’ is that he is conflicted and has personal cognitive dissonance. And from my experience, as we’ve already had this conversation already, he doesn’t seem interested in resolving the dissonance.

                If one strike from YouTube will get you singing whatever is required from the rafters, well, where are your principles? Again, where are your principles with masks? Todd doesn’t wear a mask because of principles but because of preference and a dispensation. But he can laugh at the sheep wearing theirs, as if he is on principle?

                We all have to do what we have to do, we have to engage with the system and can make honest mistakes. But can you have ALL the system’s goodies AND be against the system all at the SAME TIME?

                No one is perfect for sure, and I’m certainly no ‘Gandhi’, but we should at least try to speak plainly, say and try do what you mean, in good faith. That’s not happening here.


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