Half mask Pope

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Come on Jorge! You can do better!

How can we expect you to lead the new one world mask religion with this lame effort?

Sorry you find it difficult to wear – and gasp! – breath with. I know you had part of your lung removed way back, but we all have to do our part!

What’s with the public figures being exempt? Bad example I say.

Last Thursday he shook hands with a group of French public figures committed to defending the environment. The group was exempted from wearing face masks and included the actress Juliette Binoche.

The 83-year-old pontiff finds it difficult to wear a mask that restricts his breathing, a member of his entourage said Wednesday. When he was 21 Bergoglio suffered from acute pleurisy and surgeons removed part of his right lung, according to his b…

Representative image/Credit: AFP Photo

Source: Pope sports face mask for first time in public | Deccan Herald

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1 year ago

why is he wearing a mask at all? Will God not save him?