Your PCR test explained

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Here’s what the very strange, eccentric, likely an actor Kerry Mullis had to say about his own test.…

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1 thought on “Your PCR test explained

  1. barbm124

    in this official paper:…
    you can read: “PCR protocols generated by one lab are hardly reproducible by another”. Whatever that means. I mean, either something is reproducible or not. What is the meaning of “hardly reproducible”?
    There are many papers admitting that all the DNA methods are “hardly reproducible”. It’s all fake. There is no DNA testing. The strip pattern at the end of the gel electrophoresis, which is necessary in all DNA methods including the PCR methods, is never the same.
    They describe the accuracy of the viral tests using terms like “sensitivity” or “specificity” suggesting this is something they observe and count out of their results. This is not the case. This terms are defined as “ability to identify those with or without antibodies” (…) which means, they don’t even look for symptoms. They don’t care if the test finds out if you’re sick or not. This terms are parameters the labs adjust to get the required results. When the news report a flu wave, the labs increase the sensitivity of the test to get more positive results for the flu antibodies. It’s a pure chemical reaction then, there is no biology involved anymore. In Germany if you’re sick and go to a doctor with your family for a Corona test, they will only test persons with symptoms, you’ll get the results a week later and they are always negative. A talked with many persons who made this tests and they always tell the same story. Also they don’t put anything in your nose. They simply take a saliva sample from your mouth. Any positive Corona tests exists only in the news business and are fake.


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