3 thoughts on “FAC754-Ab and Misom on 911

  1. antipodean

    There is no way that Killtown is Dylan Avery.
    It’s interesting that someone should want to research the history and unravel the soap opera of the personalities, behind the earlier 9/11researchers.

    I believe that the old 9/11movement forum was black mailed (Slick the owner) into closing down. Because the whole vicsim meme (if that’s the right word) was dominating the forum, and the leading posters Killtown et al at the time, hardly joined in on the vicsim debate.
    Which I think made it easier for Slick to decide on shutting down the forum.

    Some of the ex 911 movement posters who fell out with the forums leading posters, followed Shure to ‘pumpitout’, and it’s possible that some from there initiated the black mail against Slick.
    The main bone of contention being live footage in real time versus, pre recorded simulated footage.

    Below is a link to pumpitout discussing missing buildings from the 9/11 landscape.

  2. dirtybenny

    Excellent discussion with Misom carefully parsing language and thoughtful rationality. I enjoyed hearing the findings of her research. Expanding our thinking to other paradigms and models is critical if and when new information is available. I agree with YouCanCallMe Al…. a roundtable call with Ab, Misom, Markus and Simon would be ticket worthy. Perhaps, one could also consider Lynn Ertell, who seems to have been firsthand involved with many of the early 9-11 personalities.

  3. YouCanCallMeAl

    Great call – I’ve always enjoyed Misom’s careful expression of her PoV. Would love to hear a call with Ab, Misom and Marcus Allen and/or Simon Shack.

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