2 thoughts on “FAC755-Odd Calls

  1. David J

    Just so that you know there are those that know. SO then you would like to know about your Green-Blue future. THAT Green(2)) / Blue(3) Future Lacks What? the (1) the RED…RGB ( a Na-to-riots) (the color of life Red/Green/Blue) The red (1) is what is called Compassion /love. The True Loving Christ. THIS new world will be ruled by a Fallen Light and or Christ. That is the 2/3 23 death-head system Think Skull and Crossed bones a NEW man 3 divided by 2= creates the New 1.5. (6) cubed New system (678) 6 sides , eights comers and the Trapped Mind(7) inside. IT all Spiritual. in nature.

    the BLUE is the 3 LAW, and 2 Green of CON-cern(stories endless lies and details)) meaning you are going into a LAW a Noahide (No where to hide) legal system soon. EVERYTHING will be accounted for. 322 the 32 system and the NEW you, the 2 so then 322= your new mind(7) RETURN to ZION(7) (i have told you this code before). THe People have asked for it in fact.

    I could go on but you do not care nor do you listen anyway. THease “people” use whats called kabbalah and hermetic s, AND not the NEW age BS most confuse it for. IT is about numbers and then letters and the exact TONE and nature of Speech(spells). Once you know this you will stop looking all over for meaning as you now KNOW where to go, you just have not taken the time to know what you are looking at.


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