Is Anna Brees controlled opposition?

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Some comments like this are suspicious of her (I couldn’t find it in the pile).

This person isn’t impressed with your friend Anna’s reporting in her latest video: “There are journalists who are not journalists and they are being paid by governments to push a certain agenda”. No doubt. But there are also ‘journalists’ who are there to soften and control the message of the people’s opposition to said agenda (whilst shamelessly promoting their ‘brand’ at every opportunity). Sorry, not buying it. You spun this piece as a bunch of well to do do, white, middle class business owners who were worried about their future. The reality was the people there were from ALL walks of life and their common purpose was to fight for HUMANITY. One of your interviewees said right to your face about the funding of BBC Media Action. Any idea of who’s funding it Anna? I’ll give you a clue: he’s a psychopath who has also funded all the major ‘scientific’ advisory groups worldwide, GAVI, the CDC and a huge proportion of the WHO? Now who could that possibly be I wonder? I’ve got a feeling you know and I’ve got a feeling you won’t be mentioning that at any point. No mention of the minutes silence from the crowd at the beginning of the rally for the police officer who was killed then? No mention of the riot police responding by going out of their way to VIOLENTLY wreck the rally at the end? No mention of the unprovoked, indiscriminate beatings they dished out on peaceful members of the public? Yep, still BBC through and through under the guise of opposition.

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11 thoughts on “Is Anna Brees controlled opposition?

  1. xileffilex

    There’s some good discussion on CO in the Covid pushback and CO generally on this podcast

    Covid Conspiracy Circus
    They understand what’s going on but i the end it doesn’t get us anywhere. Who decides what the ‘aims’ of non CO protests are? How do they root out infiltrators into any of their own solutions if indeed they have any?

  2. xileffilex

    Yeah, it’s tough here, surrounded by and tied into believers in the “virus” and every government measure to dealt with the ‘pandemic’. It would be much less stressful if we only had belief every other hoax to date to disagree over. That would be ‘freedom’.

  3. antipodean

    A Friend of mine is from Palmy (Palmerston North), I’ll ask them if they went to his School and if they remember him.
    Sorry if I offended you about Anna. But she is at best limited hang out.

  4. xileffilex

    Where is the above quote from? The purpose of the video was to hear the opinions of ordinary people who had come to London – perhaps before the police attacks. And it’s no surprise that most people who think there’s something odd going on might even believe in the covid-19 virus or that viruses exist. You’re not going to wake people up in the first instance by bashing them with Koch’s postulates.

    I didn’t know there was a minute’s silence for the [fake] death of a policeman at the start – that is fishy. Why did the organisers not ignore that piece of “news”?

    Back in the real world, in the main streets away from the protests, the idiots who wouldn’t be in Trafalgar Square are walking and driving around in masks, obeying unquestioningly the absurd rules of the government, not having an original thought in their “boxes of rocks”.

    i don’t think highlighting the above quote is helpful. I’m sick of playing the spot the CO game.

    And, as Peter Hitchens says, not all the over-65s, or even over-85s want to be locked up and ‘shielded’ – most of them want to live out their lives to the full, not be quietly put to death by the government through isolation and loneliness and stavation of fun.

      1. xileffilex

        OK – I did have a look but there are getting on for 2400 comments so far [including some obvious ones suspiciously resembling outpouring from the government nudge unit’s sock puppet accounts] It was just one rather voluminous opinion there based upon very little evidence from someone who’s probably not doing anything higher profile than play “Spot the CO”

    1. antipodean

      Anna Breeze, just another Johnny come lately, who think they should be playing a leading role in the ‘Truther Community’. ex BBC unless she gets on board with 9/11 media fakery & fake Moon Landings just another shill.
      The shooting of the Policeman was interesting, he attended University, 30 plus years in the force only reaching the rank of Sergeant.
      His Rugby connections would have given him easy access to the elites.…

      1. xileffilex

        The shooting of the Policeman

        you mean the fake shooting. ** I hope. Keep a look out for the big fella in Auckland in the days ahead.

        Sounds like you want an inquisition for anyone who has a youtube channel or even a blog to make them sign up to everything on ‘the wake-up list’ most or all of which they’ve probably never considered or looked into deeply before before. Er, like the Mandela Effect, Let’s send Anna a copy of the Tychos * model of the universe to digest first before we put her under interrogation.
        *which incidentally I find rather appealing unlike the Vicsim Report
        ** c.f. the fake moon landings

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