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  1. dante

    i tuned out James about a year and a half ago. he started deploying very spammy, gimmicky marketing tactics with his newsletter and whatnot, and any guy that gets married 3 times – for some reason i just lose a little respect for them. his recent article NYC is Dead was great – and i’ll still read things like that from him once in a while, but i don’t even dl his podcasts anymore, which i once enthusiastically looked forward to.

    regarding his latest self-censoring – while i never expected him to question 911 or anything like that (publicly), he’s definitely cowardly – despite ranting for years about all the fraud in the system – from the financial and housing markets to health and media. iirc, he’d said (like many others in the industry) in one of his books and in a few interviews how 99% of everything on the news is bullshit…just keeping people’s attention until the ads roll.

    well… of course normies, even highly intelligent normies like Altucher, (no i don’t think everyone is retarded who isn’t hoax aware. lions aren’t agile swimmers, sharks can’t climb trees and there’s plenty of things people in all walks can’t do that others can -even cognitively.) but he and his ilk will never bridge that divide between saying everything is not to be trusted and opening ones mind to ‘conspiracy’ material, even when that material is compliant with the scientific method and logical rationale.

    regarding the call, i got in 1/3rd way through. don’t think it flowed as well or had as much stuff as the previous two calls with ab. maybe i missed it, but i was anticipating a lot more about how the fires are bigger than covid. it was touched upon but didn’t get that deep tissue treatment : )

    keep pressing. not every launch will be weekend opening box office blockbuster. you know this, but how many low production grade wine shows did gv put out before really snowballing an audience. etc..etc.

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