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  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    heres some fun we recently had tenet come out in cinemas estimated budget 223backwards 322 when uk locked down visually budget,million , its about a black man whos life matters backwards ? nolens fettish time travel ,apparently the protagonist end in a causal time loop wherezzzzzzzz i can see your bored already me too dats why i aint bothered with it anyway tenet means belief and folks drove hours to cinemas to swap one tenet (covaids) for another tenet not realising they were part of the story by going ……….matter lives black… all nolens films are about the 911 trick especially doodlebug

  2. ricky

    Best summary and way forward I’ve read or heard on this site smj. Trying to fight or “save” the “beast system” and their armies of willful idiots is a waste of time and energy. The biggest reveal of this hoax is to lay bare the depths of stupidity western societies now reside. What’s to save?

          1. smj

            We have to go down fighting for what: the right to be deceived by schools and universities; the right to vote for actors; the right to live on crown property so we can pay their property tax; the right to travel on toll roads; the right to participate in sundry needless trades; the right to buy garbage from grocers; the right to visit our leech of choice for pharma treatments; the right to worship at the feet of psientists sans masque?

            We are farmed whether or not we have to wear face diapers.

            Bytheway the next time you chat with your buddy rollo can you please ask him why he hates niggers so much?

            1. dirtybenny

              Excellent distillation of our situation, SMJ, in one paragraph, no less.

              The nature of this realm and the purpose or meaning of life are critical elements that are usually glossed over in examining the multitude of psyops. In many respects, CV-AI has pulled the red,white, and blue mask off of the monster, that has always been there as you have already highlighted.

              We have never been free in this realm, only in our minds and spirits. We have been collectively indoctrinated to believe that we were free from our birth into an unnatural civilization. Has it always been this way or was it corrupted? Does it matter? probably not. It is corrupt and the best we can do is to remove ourselves from it and limit our interface with it.

              1. xileffilex

                Is there a problem living on the farm? Was it never fun? The big one I see atm though is that the farm management has changed visibly under orders from the farm owners lately. Good luck removing yourself from the grid. I’ve got a bookshelf full of volumes on 19th and very early 20th century social experiments when people moved into moneyless communes and grew their own food – and I don’t need to tell you how they all ended up in the main. As an old manager of mine always said, ‘there’s a hard core [probably 10 per cent] of tossers in any environment and you have to deal with them.
                As someone sapiently answered a youtube comment of ‘wake up people!’ – “AND THEN WHAT?” Or is ‘waking up’ only for the enlightened elite thinkers and ‘we’ want the rest of the herd to stay asleep?

                I try to limit my interface with the system – no cellphone, no car, no driver’s licence, I don’t vote I don’t travel use cash when I can. But the controllers are making it harder and harder to go off-grid

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