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FAC756-Odd breakdown

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Uncle Odd’s daughter gets sick and causes covidmania, and Ab’s popped a breaker.

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World Serum Bank

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Move over IMF – the new kid on the block may be the talk of the town for the next generation.

My hypothesis is that the COVAIDS revolution/excuse is just what the “doctor” ordered to get the whole world into a database.

They’ve even tied climate change into the whole purpose.

n another helpful reply on the World Serum Bank, the Australian researcher Karen Coates declared that:[3]

Improved serological surveillance would allow governments, aid agencies, and policy writers to direct public health resources to where they are needed most. A better understanding of infection dynamics with respect to the changing patterns of global weather should inform policy measures including where to concentrate vaccination efforts and insect control measures.

World Serum Bank – Wikiwand www.wikiwand.com/en/World_Seru…

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The real reason for Covaids testing

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None of the testing matters. It is simply a cell collection exercise to build a worldwide id2020 database. How long before we hear that this database exists and is centralized and active?

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Ghana truth

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I don’t believe there is or ever can be a weaponized virus – since viri are innate. It’s like catching your leg – you already have it.
That said, this is a good listen calling out the plandemic.

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Wear mask so gov’t “can avoid having to do much more terrible things.”

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What exact terrible things do you have in mind for Canada Chrystia Freeland, Rhodes scholar globalist?

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Corona Corpses

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China has a new level of the psyOp. QOR muses will it come here?

These are laughable crisis actors. I don’t see enough of these videos in the United States. Has it been determined by intelligence agencies that China needs Corona Crisis Actors to sell the Coronavirus as real as opposed to masks which I wouldn’t be surprised were being worn in China before Corona? Maybe there are different Coronavirus Psyop approaches with each country and China gets the crisis actor troope? I hope they start doing these crisis actor productions for North America because the mask is the only thing that is selling Coronavirus as real and it’s boring, so it’s time to start using those crisis actors that aren’t working because there are no mass casualty events. Put them to work for Corona and have them do these drop dead videos.

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