FAC756-Odd breakdown

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Uncle Odd’s daughter gets sick and causes covidmania, and Ab’s popped a breaker.

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3 thoughts on “FAC756-Odd breakdown

  1. superfooder

    About 25 minutes in, Todd lets us know his wife want their daughter Covaids tested.
    I hope his wife knows that if tested, they will be contact traced, and may have their daughter forcibly taken from them, if they don’t live their lives perfectly for the next couple years…in a way of speaking.
    I suggest don’t play into their database, and just have your daughter rest and let her body cleanse out and repair, naturally.
    Explain to her why we get sick, which will keep her in good stead for the rest of her life.
    We have a page on Why People Get Sick and Die at www.TheBigVirusHoax.com
    Good luck Todd.

    1. xileffilex

      It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that I get removed to a ‘facility’ for ‘non-compliance’ in the future. And I doubt that even that would wake up the others to the fact that we are living in totalitarian military/police state. The statutes are already in place. SMH.

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