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  1. dirtybenny

    The obvious irony of this attempted allegory is that one simulation is replaced with another. The portrayal of nature is all CGI and artificial simulation. In many respects the COVID-AI simulation is more authentic than the nature simulation as it is not originally based in nature. If I can’t see the natural hummingbird on my lantana tree, I don’t want their simulation. At least, I have my memory of the natural world.

    The AI is hellbent on simulating human beings and nature. So many of the preloaded Windows 10 wallpapers are CGI nature scenes with artificial color and rendering. I propose that the vast majority of the obligatory Youtube loaded commercials for Grammarly, etc are populated with AI created entities simulating human beings. This is likely to condition your subconscious into confusing simulation with reality.

    I am still wrapping my head around the soul machines website. My guess is that the AI created entities on the site are a ruse with the “non AI-generated characters” in the video likely being AI-generated. This is similar to the bombastic psyop presentation of the Bruce Jenner character as a transgender. Attempting to fool us into thinking how easy it would be to identify the androgyne.


    Why is simulation so prevalent now in this realm? Event 201…Clade X




    And let’s not forget the self-described “simulationista” Colleen Smith who does a voluminous amount or tweeting and retweeting for a recovering covid-AI victim…probably AI generated tweets, as I surmise most tweets are.


    Then we have “The AI companion who cares” Replika replete with your own andgogyne AI to keep you company and datamine you.


    I am skeptical that this is for the good of humanity.

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