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Hey Fakeologist, this is walker. We chatted on the phone for a bit recently. I have been going through all the Afternoon Commutes from Hoaxbusters and wanted to remind you of this one. It is from 2018 and Chris gets into it about the germaphobe society and how he unregrettably doesn’t watch his hands after he pisses and eats raw meat. Some other relevant stuff in there such as veganism.

I may give you a call to talk Hoaxbusters some time. I have been an audio listener for many years and they have some of the best stuff I have heard. It’s pretty much all I have been consuming. It is great to get some truth without the covaids taint.

One other thing, that was some remarkable and unsettling audio hearing Uncle Odd detail his experience with his wife wanting to test the daughter. That is really sad and demonstrates exactly what we are up against. I totally agree with you about the scale of the propaganda machine. You can’t even compete fairly when it comes to your own wife. And, like I mentioned in our call, I think women in general are far more susceptible to the propaganda.

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