Your technocratic future won’t work

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The world will work no differently than the Russians – technocratic economies work on paper but not in reality. Humans are too smart, cagey, and willing to beat the system to let it.

Sia shows Adam Curtis’ movie on how Hypernormalization is code for everything is fake.

Source: De Ja VU PoSsiBLY – Fakeotube – thank you Rollo – ?

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2 thoughts on “Your technocratic future won’t work

  1. xileffilex

    I watched Hypernormalisation [on some unknown recommendation] near the start of this fake pandemic. It left me wondering how the citizens of former Soviet republics, e.g. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, view the incessant Covid propaganda which they must be subjected to, now citizens of the EU with Euro currency in their pockets [for the time being…]: are they lapping up the present day propaganda from their governments and health officials despite having been fed by and been sceptical of the Soviet propaganda machine? I bet they are.

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