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Often devout Christians see through to the truth.

Something to think about for reasonable people: The fake 0;Covid” scenario has lead us to the “Mask of the beast” which means you can’t buy or sell without having “The Mask” when you go to do commerce (btw: Satan is the king of commerce for now). I was denied entry to a “christian” thrift store because I would not allow them to “scan my forehead” to take an illegal temperature reading to determine if I was feverish. They are not a licenced medical facility or my personal doctor to be able to determine my well being or not. Freedom is real if you are truly free without tyranny. This whole “Covid” scenario is ending up to be the pathway to “The Mark Of The Beast” as the mask is the training wheels for everyone who goes along with the programming and false orders to comply or you can’t buy or sell just as it is written in the book of Revelation. I hope you can see the simplicity and stop with the denial of where this is leading…souls and eternities are at stake to be careless with the information. Please reconsider your stance and viewpoint until it matches the reality of our current situation of the times we now live in. First it’s “the mask of the beast” then it’s “The Mark Of The Beast” open your eyes and smell the book of Revelation before it’s too late for someone else. Come let us reason……. be teachable, time is short.


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