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Fauci’s 2nd ACT: from AIDS to COVAIDS

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The greatest hoax/heist of our time is upon us.
It was perfected with AIDS 40 years ago.
It’s back, and it’s built back better (to coin a nauseating UN slogan).

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Everyone’s a deputy

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There’s a new coronavirushoax sheriff in town, and everyone’s a deputy.

If your child actually made it to university residence, this is what they’d face. A floor of shakers, with corona cops on every floor to boot.

Eugenicists don’t have to shoot people to get rid of them, they just have to destroy the connective tissue that is the social fabric.

The next generation will collapse, by design.

I’m glad mine didn’t.

Via twitter.com/queensu/status/131…

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FAC761-FART-Calmer Rollo

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