FAC762-Odd and Kenny

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More recorded phone calls.

This time Odd and Kenny from bigvirushoax.com fame.
I’ll talk to you too.
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11 thoughts on “FAC762-Odd and Kenny

    1. gaia

      Vielen Dank! Sehr interessant.

      (it’s in German, but lots about chronologie and also etymology, pilgrim coming from pil – elephant in hebrew).

  1. Rev

    Thanks Gaia but according to Clint Jesus was basically a fictional character in a story to help folks see the lessons in the story, it was story telling, no books. Jesus the main character in the New Testament/the new law. It never was about an actual Jesus, the Empire did that. Anyway, the way Clint breaks it down makes the most sense to me … out of all I’ve ever heard. So if someone is basing their research on an actual Jesus, for what ever reason, it’s a red herring already, for me.

    PS- I’m trying to change my user name here. Because Clint did a show on the true meaning behind the name freeman recently and since I’ve been reverting back to an older alias of mine Reverend Black Dog.

    1. gaia

      Oh interesting, what is the meaning of freeman? Were those the ones that were granted some liberties but were still controlled?

      Funny new name, especially for you seeing Jesus as fictional. I must say, me too. But that doesn’t take away Fomenko’s work on chronology (not so much on Jesus).

      Take 9/11 for example. Many here consider “Osama bin Laden” a fictional character (could be, but whose mansion did I see in Khartoum then?). Still, no matter what the narrative of 9/11 was or Tim Osman’s real status or not, the events of that day took place on 9/11 2001.

      And that is it with chronology. Even if Jesus is fictional, still the mainstream maintains those events happened in the 1st century AD = Anno Domini = Year of the Masters. If the whole chronology shifts by about 1000 years (have you seen those i550 (instead of 1550 they place an i instead of 1) examples on maps and documents? That is very suspicious and a clue I think)

      1. Rev

        Thanks Gaia.. Great to communicate with a good spirit.

        Per the freeman name, yeah that’s pretty much it.

        As you mentioned:

        “…the ones that were granted some liberties but were still controlled…”

        No doubt.

        Yeah I have to separate myself from all that while not dismissing it entirely at the same time.

        Per my new name: “Reverend” is just ‘revered’ as far as I can tell and a name I was inspired to from Rev. Gary Davis, one of my fav blues guys. I love the simplicity and the honestly of some of those earlier blues captures. The Black Dog part is a long story with several angles and inspirations.. I’m sure the first being the Led Zeppelin song of the same name.

        And as far as Jesus being real or not, that is so deep, and the pivotal point of the whole thing.

        “A super hero that’s real, or was real and is coming back to kick ass? Pass the popcorn fellow parishioners I’m going to sit on my ass the rest of my life and do nothing, just wait, and take all responsibilities off of myself because Jesus is going to save me, all I have to do is believe..”

        See how that is the basis of the ineffectual Jesus, the Jesus paradigm, the Jesus we all know and hate.

        And this parallels to a lot of group think phenomenon, like 9/11.

        The lie, the belief in the lie, the ineffectual life. While the real tear or wrists continue unabated.

        “..have you seen those i550 (instead of 1550 they place an i instead of 1) examples on maps and documents? That is very suspicious and a clue I think)”

        No.. interesting stuff though, another way of skewing our reality I don’t doubt. Though reminds me of the whole concept of time and it’s man made origins anyway, somewhat
        anyway.. Clint Richardson has mentioned that a few times as well and I still don’t exactly grasp it, quite bizarre thinking about time, I don’t think animals bother with those thoughts much if at all.. more living in the moment but I’m sure they use it as needed because as once said, “If you don’t remember the past you’re bound to repeat it.” Thanks Gaia.

        Hey maybe move this thread to the Forum or tag it? So it doesn’t get so buried in a virtual quicksand pit of information … in this lost, while found, dimension of time and space, sight and sound, we all so happily engage in – Because we can’t find enough intelligent people around us!

        1. Rev

          Here’s the Strawman Story book link for those who care to actually read a book. Clint has done a lot of work and he is little appreciated from what I can tell, like many of us here I’m sure. I have not read this, I do have the PDF.. the biggest PDF I’ve ever seen actually! Anyway I listen to his podcasts (YT to MP3).. I just hate reading, on a computer anyway, anymore more than necessary. Peace all.


          tag: Jesus, straw man, lie, conspiracy, cover-up, fraud, hoax

  2. Ron Freeman

    My take on the Jesus paradigm:…credit to Clint Richardson, see Red Pill Sunday School (YouTube); (realitybloger.wordpress.com). This guy nails it.. It’s just common sense, conspiracy 101, a movement so powerful and contrary to the kings of contrary that they adopted it! Way back – Religion compliments of the Roman Empire 4th century common era and all down hill since. Anyway Clint takes you back to the real, good meanings of that all, and it’s probably not what you think. At least what pretty much everyone thinks from Fundamentalist Christians to satan worshippers, they all get it wrong. Bottom line is if you don’t want to delve into Clint’s work which is very freeing for anyone with that millstone around their neck then follow your heart while realizing the Bible, the source of that all, is a corrupt document corrupted by the Roman Empire. — That said, I still pray in the name of Jesus because Christianity corrupt is still better than the vast emptiness or lack of anything with even a remotely good message to it. What’s good is good and the source of what is called Christianity is good – not Christians, not churches, etc.. Jesus as an example, not to be worshiped but to be followed and in a way that the Roman Empire and all it’s successors would not be happy with. I am not a Christian per say, it originally was and still is a derogatory title. It even says that in the bible, the Roman edit or compilation was not thorough enough I guess but just enough for what they needed at the time.

    1. gaia

      Have you heard of Anatoly Fomenko? Like Clint an alternative researcher with a lot under his belt. He proposes that the “Roman” “Empire” was actually somewhere early Renaissance and the birth year of Jesus was in 1052….

      On Fakeopedia you find just a bit, the man has produced an enormous amount with only his first 7 books summing to 6000 pages, but it may be interesting to revise the historical understanding of “Romans” and “Jesus”.



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