Michigan free – for now

likes this

The NWO is using every dirty in the book to get around this law.

Note this demonic 3:33 video.

It’s amazing how the NWO and its agencies control the conversation using the latest sock puppet account technology. Drilling down into the comments you’ll see many of the profiles are clearly simulated. This is a full spectrum dominance military operation.

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1 thought on “Michigan free – for now

  1. walker

    This lunatic gov has pictures of herself alone wearing these gigantic muzzles in both her avatar AND banner on twitter. I suppose if you honestly believe these muzzles are effective then go ahead and wear them as needed, but the key indicator that this is propaganda is the glorification of them. It is, from what I see, women leading this new fashion trend, marketing it on social just like you would any other trendy article of clothing. The men are pussified largely and wear whatever is laying on the floor of their car but the women are all about it.

    I saw three hens walking down the street in a tiny town this weekend strutting their very average stuff, all with different muzzle styles just like they have different hair styles or shoe styles. I think the predecessors to this muzzle trend were the make-up, piercing, plastic surgery and hair dying trends. It is not just accepted but advocated, especially where I live, for women to play dress up to the extent that you may not recognize them au naturale. I suspect that many people – women and men alike – like the muzzles because it covers the faces they have been taught to hate.

    Furthermore, women, so many now who are promoted as “leaders” in society, have been taught that simply being a woman makes them smart, strong, fierce, bold, caring, loving and sexy without, you now, actually having to make any effort to be those things. As the naturally more docile and malleable of the genders, women have latched on to these muzzles out of fear, believing that doing so is virtuous simply because they are women and what women do is virtuous – no factual substantiation needed!

    My point: by design, women are leading this next phase of social destruction from the front and wearing the cutest muzzles a little girl could dream of.

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