6 thoughts on “First, they’ll go after the children

  1. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    the worse thing is though the mask skips everyones common sense and observations of 140 years of perfect contagion conditions (dave js war is a hoax) wanna go to the frontline or let a guy inject or cough on you, lands clearly in the land of make believe , ????? ???????????
    raw talent , so if i wanted to find a young future tour de france winner i head to somewhere with mountains and long roads , wine regions of europe will do , if i want the next boxing champ i dont go looking in the middle to upper class, unless theres foster famillies like cus d amato , i go to the rough neighbourhoods if i want a political writer or movement leader wait for turmoil between two ideals good or bad and one will be given , insert saviour please ( )
    remember i think outloud , but ab and others have said its the new religion covid , stories handsan and greta
    and if the public cant remember last year and years prior flus season and the lack of contagion ,what is there to do
    i know a lot are talking about freedom on the farm (animal farm 1984) , im not sure i wanna be grass fed, i think diaries would help x folks member

  2. barbm124

    it’s just another side of the fear porn coin. They don’t put anything into your nose if they make the test. Many friends of us went abroad for holidays and weren’t even tested on the airport. They had to wear masks of course, which is bad enough IMO, but other than that. Nothing, niente, nada! A friend of mine even went as far as to Egypt, which is a risk region in Germany. She used a flight from Switzerland and booked a nice hotel in Marsa Alam independently. In the hotel they had to wear masks in restaurants while ordering food and in the shopping areas too. They use disinfectants everywhere, which smells, etc. I wouldn’t like it that way. That’s not holidays IMO. We stay at home for now. But if you’re desperate, the worst thing which can happen seems to be the mask.

    Did anyone realize Donald Trump has risen after three days, just like Jesus?

      1. smj

        It’s Portuguese. The video is self explanatory. I cannot make out what the clowns in the protective gear are saying when they load the crying child into the coffin to put in the ambulance. The guy’s point is we ask for psience to save us and that’s exactly what we are getting. He stated he follows the lord in heaven that has dominion on earth and not psience at the end. I don’t think he understands that he is also waiting for a Pasteur of course.


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