2 thoughts on “Modelling us to death

  1. ricky

    They don’t have to wait and see if their models prove accurate, just declare them to be so. We’re not fighting the elite controllers near as much as their moronic foot soldiers, friends, family and neighbors who believe everything the media tells them. It’s turned into the worst “Twilight Zone” episode you could imagine.

  2. xileffilex

    How much of climate science is ‘modelling’? I can’t find an answer, but I’d say a high proportion.
    Here’s a long, detailed 2018 page on how they’re doing it. & links & videos

    It’s a huge black box, and a huge academic industry. One paragraph stands out

    One way to check if models are reliable is to compare projected future changes against how things turn out in the real world. This can be hard to do with long-term projections, however, because it would take a long time to assess how well current models perform.

    That’s fortunate.

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