Covaids and the elderly

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Warehousing people is always inhumane. Covaids made it worse. Is Klaus telling us it needs to stop, or else?

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2 thoughts on “Covaids and the elderly

  1. holisticlady2018

    This made me feel really sad, The lady can have no contact with her family, can see them through the window, but that’s it.
    These “homes” charge huge amounts a week to look after the elderly people, ( approx £1000.) but it’s not something I would ever wish on myself, because many are not fully able to communicate and have become almost taken over by amnesia, they remember very little and have no idea what is going on, and worse still looked “after” by people who are not always English, and have accents that are hard to understand when your normal, let along struggling with a Memory that no longer functions. Better to die before reaching that age if your struggling to remember family. I would never put a loved one in that community

  2. xileffilex

    There are various reasons for “putting” a parent in a care home, as you describe it. Not all care homes are bad, some are very good and may well provide better care than the offspring can, especially as education and de-industrialisation has scattered the “middle class” children across countries, across the world. My experiences were good. I am lucky that my mother died before all this wicked government criminality started. The perpetrators responsible for this scam, scientists, politicians, doctors, need to go on trial for crimes against humanity in each country.


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