Did you get to write home once a week?

likes this
How exactly did this begin in ’s Germany?

Canada had its own internment camps in WW2, holding Germans and Japanese Canadians.

Are we heading backwards in 2020?

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5 thoughts on “Did you get to write home once a week?

  1. gaia

    The Great Reset World Economic Forum Meeting = Wannsee Conference

    There are more links to Nazi Germany. They tested vaccines on their prisoners (and even though the Holocaust Story is false, it doesn’t mean they didn’t use these “free test subjects” for their agendas).

    The Fourth Reich establishment – mandatory vaccinations

    It might be these internment camps will be used for US Americans. I see the most powerful country on Earth as one of the main targets of this World War W. In the last world war it was the most powerful country of continental Europe to implode (hence the placement of the Nazionists in charge), now they are pumping up the next world leader, China.

    And then there is the clear plan of “having 100 million Canadians“. Curiously it is not the coastal areas that are the target for that, but the border region with the US.

    and remember. 297 days between the “start” of WWII in Europe (Kristallnacht, 9-11 1938) and the invasion of Poland (9/1 1939).
    297 days after 3/11 2020 is… 1-1-(Agenda) 21.

    And then there is Plan Patagonia of course. Is it a coincidence that Argentina is a Mega Melbourne? The people in Buenos Aires (about 12 million people) are not allowed to leave their houses.

    I reckon Canada and Latin America are going to take in a lot of US American refugees.

  2. napoleon wilson( non mason )

    the pied piper was german
    theres got to be millions that are waking up to the horror , but i thouroughly agree with your comment .

    here have a song .

    i know some of the minds that frequent here are awesome so quick question , would it shake a specialist in virology or contagion medical training to look at live blood and why

    googlemonster shat the bed

  3. Gabriel

    All of those alleged representatives in the chamber are enemies of the people and traitors to Canada. All of this is beyond belief. This is all predicated on a fake virus pandemic. The whole sentiment must have been very similar to Germany. I really just cannot believe all of this is still happening and clearly headed toward getting a lot worse. The people are frogs in the pot and the water is getting very warm right now.

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