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My mastodon server fakeologist.social is now canceled.

The twitter knock off is a great idea that isn’t working.

If the masses don’t care, then it can’t be successful.

I tried a year, but no-one came.

Can’t argue with what people want or don’t want.

Telegram is far easier to use, and is already bigger at fake11.com/telegram.


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How the Covid lie will be written

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One of the benefits of living long enough is that you will get to see history repeat itself.

The covid lie closely mirrors the WMD lie following 9/11. It was ultimately blamed on a bureaucratic mixup and wrong beLIEfs.

The intelligence community’s assessments on Iraq’s WMD stockpiles and programs turned out to be woefully wrong, largely because analysts believed that Iraq had kept on a path of building its programs rather than largely abandoning them after the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Thus the stockpiles theoretically got larger as time went on.

No one goes to jail, no one is held accountable, but the resultant infrastructure of the lie remain intact.

Sadly, this is the model for most major public policy spending, all the way down to a staged car crash.


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WHO Accidentally Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu

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WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu
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WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than Flu
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