FAK250-Markus Allen October call

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All you zombies hide your faces
All you people in the street
All you sittin’ in high places
The rain’s gonna fall on you

The shampoo commercial from the 1970s that shows the exponential power of social networks. This is the commercial that motivated James Fowler, political scientist at UCSD, to study the effect of social networks on voting.

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The Hooters

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Welcome to 2030: Come Cocoon with Me

Google: covid deaths cases



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Michigan Supreme Court rules against Whitmer again, ending Covid-19 executive orders

Alan Watt

CNBC’s full interview with St. Louis Fed President James Bullard on coronavirus crisis

Donald Rumsfeld

Rosa Koire: UN Agenda 21

Google affiliate Sidewalk Labs abruptly abandons Toronto smart city project

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6 thoughts on “FAK250-Markus Allen October call

  1. Rev

    The masks shackle us to corporate, the agreement, in their domain, independence taken, lost, gave away, our ancestors, us, now we’re reliant on government, corporation. Tricked, our parents, their parents. The totalitarian tiptoe, long at work, ever vigilant while we listened to Elvis they waited, calculated, formulated.

    Big days for them, a big move forward, too few see … pitting us, making us our own worst enemies. We get the government we deserve, controlled by proxy! Amazing, and people volunteer for it. Not all though, thank God! Yes God, the higher power, whatever, the spirit of man whatever we are, were.

    I’m only different in being open to knowing, I am not above it, I am humiliated by wearing a mask for a fake pandemic as well. I was not born into a family that knew, that prepared. I come from a long line of exploited people as most of you. Many of our ancestors knew, if not just by instinct, much more than the status quo does now.

    I can remember Chicago in the late sixties, the spirit of rebellion. I assume the Vietnam War stimulated a lot of that. I lived in Texas too during this time, from Chicago to Texas. There wasn’t this overwhelming unquestioning conformity everywhere, and Texas had more of it because they had the Civil War still in many minds, The Rebels/The Confederates.. gave a good fight and the memory was handed down, the awareness of the treacherous Yankee.

    Again by proxy getting us all to kill each other over lies.


    The numbers do not justify any of this (swprs.org, etc.) but that may soon change with a vaccine.

    “If you don’t remember the past you are condemned to repeat it!” Most people can’t even remember last week, or the first news story they seen on the 10 o’clock news last night after being bombarded with ten other insignificant ones. Not that they need to but to be able to critically analize.

    The tiptoe has gained much ground. Two steps forward and one step back may be the plan again, or not? Why stop, the people are so agreeable, so sheepish, so trusting. Very depressing. Lead them into an active volcano, they’ll go.

    Is there any unexplored land still left anywhere I wonder.

    All this while airplanes continue whitening out our skies, dimming the sun. The earth scorched, life diminished, magic decreased. God seemingly indifferent. While someone plays God at a theater near you.


    Where is a true religion? Where is a true religious document? Good is as good does but no religion or religious document guarantees this.


    Teaching a man to fish.


    There would be much less questioning of God if we were not so removed from it. God may only help us when we seek what is God? It can be said that a Pandora’s box has brought us all here. The internet, electricity, gasoline. Yet we are not there. We are nowhere. Who knows more? He that is or he that knows he is not? …

    Sorry for rambling.

    Great talk guys (FAK 250), thanks, much appreciated.

  2. gaia

    Interesting call.

    About the first part when Walker called in (who definitely is not Chris Kendall, both in vocals and content) and the argument with Markus and Ab;

    1 – Markus, how can you criticize Uncle Odd for choosing the legal route with his exemption letters etc. when you do exactly the same? That is inconsistent, illogical. If you use “It is unconstitutional” as the argument for not wearing your mask, you base it on the legal system (constitutional law) just as much as Uncle Odd does, right?
    2 – Walker can claim to have the higher ground with his 100% unmasked stance, but at the same time he admits to support the New Normal; getting everything delivered to your doorstep, the online economy instead of the real life human contact with your vendors.
    3 – I wholeheartedly agree with Ab and “picking your battles”. I don’t think anyone here can accuse me of avoiding confrontation, but does that mean you have to be confrontational 100% of the time?

    I go to a small supermarket, run by good, decent people who are being pushed out of business by this Coronacaust. Since the War started I haven’t been to any big chain supermarkets anymore (mainly from an agorist economic principle but also the mask and temperature gun BS I don’t want). Just before it started I did go to a big chain supermarket WITH Molly (which apparently is illegal in Colombia). You can hear about my adventures in Mollycast 01 – Police Academy.

    And that is the thing, there are multiple factors at play here. It is not only the masquerade, the main problem of today is the economic warfare, especially to small entrepreneurs.

    So should I choose to not shop at the small supermarket anymore because I don’t want to wear a mask? That means I have to either support another business with mask requirements I don’t directly engage with (the home delivery escape route Walker takes) or just not buy the products I buy at that supermarket and deprive them from their income and Molly from her bones, cookies and friends (both canine and human, they all love her).

    Catch 22. But the higher ground Walker takes in the call is unjustified because he DOES support masked businesses, just weasels out by having their products delivered to his doorstep.

    The other moment I wear something around my face (usually a bandana, my turtle neck, football sock or sometimes my Mexican lucha libre mask) is when I exit and enter the building.

    In the beginning, somewhere in May I think it was, one of my neighbors took photos of unmasked me in the parking garage and the Gestapo agent sent those photos to the administration. Promptly I got an email saying “I was giving a BAD example to the children!” (while my view is of course I give a good example of letting them breathe) and quoting a law that states that in apartment buildings I had to cover my face.

    So I only do that when exiting the building and sometimes entering back (most of the time I “forget” to mask back up). 2 minutes max. And that is it.

    I rip off my coverings demonstrably (usually wait for someone to see that) both outside of the supermarket and the building.

    I had already enough encounters with the little green men this year, even a direct talk with them when I was the only one unmasked. You hear it in the Mollycasts, including the police warning me for the police (!!) that “they are patrolling and checking for masks”! It was a hilarious adventure.

    We shouldn’t divide our truth seeking community more with these things. Everyone seeks their own methods of fighting the systematic deprival of our life source (oxygen) and economic destruction.

    But criticizing Markus and Ab (and me as a result) for being masked 1.5% of the time WHILE you are silently supporting the economic destruction of small entrepreneurs (by just getting everything delivered to your doorstep) gives no pass. I hope Walker recognizes this and tones down the criticism of Ab and Markus in their fight and we can focus on a Fair and Fertile Future with XClave (still no good idea what it actually involves, Markus, can you make a public version of your pages for all to see?) and aSHIFT.

    Markus, check your email please. And let’s include religion (or rather divinity and spirituality) in our Eye Am Eye Radio chat, would be an interesting topic.

  3. xileffilex

    Towards the end of the chat – re smart cities etc.

    High-rise developments were completely out of favour until very recently – but recently local councils have declared [!] climate emergencies and now the policy is to refurbish tower blocks, rather than demolish and rebuild on a low-rise standard.

    High-rise flats: spruce them up or tear them down?

    Has the climate emergency tipped the balance in favour of upgrading rather than demolishing the UK’s ageing tower blocks?

    In addition, every piece of spare land near a transport link has been grabbed and allows the sprounting of 20-35 storey blocks. What’s going on? It seems obvious.

  4. xileffilex

    Still listening…. I think Markus is right, the vaccine is irrelevant, it’s all about the Social Credit Score. Notice how few people have been writing about the SCS since the start of the year. [Davos]
    22 Jan 2020
    Xue Lan, professor at Tsinghua University’s School of Public Policy and Management, told the Reuters Global Markets Forum the system was in its trial stage. He also said data protection was crucial when it came to facial recognition technology.
    Q- What’s your view on China’s social credit score mechanism?

    A- The system is being widely distorted, it’s still at its trial stage. Even though the court gives its judgment, the implementation becomes a huge problem.
    One has to put it in the context of China’s 1.4 billion population, and there are all sorts of problems to address.
    Reports of big brother trying to collect everyone’s everything are not true ***…I don’t see social credit giving China any particular advantage, I don’t think the government should use this to gain any commercial advantage. There is no evidence of this in China.

    So what are they testing for? The daily testing seems to fit in with the £100,000,000,000 allocated by the UK government to “Operation Moonshot”. [if that’s not another hoax] Will everybody start to test negative **** – just like nobody was ever found with explosive shoes or underpants at airport check-ins? – just to be able to participate in society with zero chance of testing positive.

    *** so that’s alright then.
    **** false “positives” would be the last thing wanted in the “new normal”.

    Update September 10 2020

    The Communist government of China has combined its coronavirus ‘track and trace’ system with the country’s notorious social credit score.

    As the Epoch Times’ Joshua Philipp explains, fears that the new COVID surveillance system would be used for “totalitarian social monitoring” are being realized in China.

    “The local government of China’s Jiangsu province has launched a new social control system that combines the CCP’s health code program with the regime’s social credit system to create what they’re calling a civilization code,” Philipp reported.

    The new system ranks each citizen via a “civilization score” and then places them in a category which determines whether they get priority access to services or are punished and restricted.

    The new system represents an expansion of the social credit score and is being initially rolled out in the city of Suzhou and will apply to everyone over the age of 18.

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