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  1. watermanchris

    Markus Allen is so pompous. He’s always condescending and talking down to people. It’s annoying. I don’t wear a mask ANYWHERE and I agree with Walker. How the hell can we expect a “normie” to “wake up” if those that know this thing is a complete hoax mask up whenever someone tells them to?

    Markus says – “Well, you’re in Florida. Things are much different in the Northeast” I call BS. I’m in Broward County Florida and mask compliance is at 99.99%. I literally go entire days without seeing anybody but my family without a mask on. I still don’t wear it and I will argue with whoever wants to try to force compliance on me. Someone will have to try to physically put a mask on me to get me to comply and I carry a firearm so they will not have a good time with that.

    There are stores that my normie friends own and I tell them – “Look, if you are scared of the mask fines or scared of the big bad scary invisible virus, I will work with you not to come into your store but I’m not LARPing. The mask cucks are the ones playing dressup. Not us.

    Most stores I enter don’t say anything but every once in a while I will get an idiot that tries. It never ends well for them. Also, I don’t let people muzzle my wife or child. I believe we have a duty to protect our families and that includes not allowing them to be abused by the system.

    I think Markus was disappointed in himself and that is why he lashed out at Todd and Walker. This is standard normie action. The inability to look inward and see why we are triggered. In my opinion, Walker was 100% sincere. As he said, he’s not a pussy. If he wanted to tell Markus to go F himself, he would have.

    Edit – Good on Todd, Walker, and John Jay Singleton. We need more guys like them in the world.

    1. Fakeologist Post author

      Markus has always been a polarizing figure. That’s what makes him interesting. I find many of his thoughts and actions slightly contradictory.

      I salute you Chris for your resolve with masks and your family.

  2. Steven Lovett

    The dollar vigilante criticises mask wearers etc but he sells his own designer masks on his site. That really put me off that guy.


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