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There’s no virus

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The CDC admits it.

It’s like this. A man has a very thick steel vault. He clams there is a pile of treasure inside. But no one can open the door to the vault. People show up with all sorts of fancy instruments, and they make indirect measurements. They then issue very authoritative-sounding statements about what is inside the vault.

But no one can get in there. This is a magic vault, you see. You can’t drill into it. You can’t blow it up. But in its vicinity, all sorts of hustlers are gathered. And they PONTIFICATE. They BLOVIATE. They wave their credentials. Reporters interview them. Governments follow their recommendations.

Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/1…

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Mask shaming

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The propaganda is relentless.


Some virus truth.

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Youtube solution

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Another round of purges, thanks to their own popular Qanon psyop, has YouTubers like Polly crying.

It makes we wonder if they are given to us. There are many alternatives that can easily be used, without central msm control.

Below is my latest page outlining this.


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Get ready

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Ice Age farmer says his Discord server was shut down due to this possibly disinfo post.

This could easily happen to our server I suppose. Make sure you subscribe to our telegram channel and register on fakeologist.com for email updates.

Download TeamSpeak as I have a server that I will make sure is working in the future.

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