8 thoughts on “FAC769-Schwabtown: Ab, Rollo, Rick, Farcevalue

  1. RezMuttJeff

    Most of the HSC shows are garbage or controlled opposition now, this was Hubbard’s first and only appearance though apparently he’s been at truther game for a while now. His research seems legit but I haven’t dug very deep into it. He lives right here in my neck of the woods, I guess I could look him up ask him myself. Haven’t looked into David Weiss so I’ve got no frame of reference to answer that question.

  2. Vespadouglas

    For a guy on the edge, ( depsession/suicide by cop ) the rollo charACTOR laughs too much. Is delcroix or pshea behind this dave cullen obsession?

  3. RezMuttJeff

    I listened to the Higher Side Chat Rick mentioned with Zach Hubbard, it was the first I’d heard of his work but honestly the most coherent summation of the correlation between Gematria and the meta-script. I was intrigued right off the bat with his analysis of all the things that came about simultaneously in 1968. George W. graduates from Yale skull and bones, construction begins on WTC, national emergency number gets changed to 911, the first Corona virus is “discovered”. He also hit’s all the numbers in the Sandy Hook pysop better than anyone I’ve heard

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