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Glyphosate is the poison to be feared, not covaids

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Unlike covaids, glyphosate is real and everywhere, and carcinogenic.

“We’re taking statins because we are being poisoned by glyphosate.” Poison upon poison is killing Americans.

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Here’s the CDC covaids “science”

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This is not on the front pages because…

My friends, read this again and again. These virologists, published by the CDC, performed a clear proof, on their terms, showing that the SARS-CoV- 2 virus is harmless to human beings. That is the only possible conclusion, but, unfortunately, this result is not even mentioned in their conclusion. They simply say they can provide virus stocks cultured only on monkey Vero cells, thanks for coming.

Only Poisoned Monkey Kidney Cells ‘Grew’ the ‘Virus’ drtomcowan.com/only-poisoned-m…

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Miles Mathis likes this lawsuit

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Miles likes the German/American doctor’s lawsuit – even if he may be controlled opposition.

He also states, like I have so many times here, that the COVAIDS test is completely useless.

Also that almost everyone who has died was very old and had preexisting conditions, again indicating the mortality of Covid is extremely low. Also that the Covid test was not created to diagnose or confirm Covid, as its inventor admits and as is admitted in its own literature—including inserts that come with it—and in the CDC’s own publications. That is, a positive result does not indicate infection with anything. It can give a positive result on anyone who has ever had a cold. Also that doctors have been instructed to assign deaths to Covid, whether that was truly indicated or not.

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