Glyphosate is the poison to be feared, not covaids

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Unlike covaids, glyphosate is real and everywhere, and carcinogenic.

0;We’re taking statins because we are being poisoned by glyphosate.” Poison upon poison is killing Americans.

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5 thoughts on “Glyphosate is the poison to be feared, not covaids

  1. gaia

    So knowing glyphosate (but Monsanto has much more evil inventions under their name; GMOs) is banned in Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina, we know where (((they))) are settling.

    Is it a surprise that Buenos Aires is the Mega Melbourne of today’s Coronacaust?

    I don’t think so, it is showing their Plan Patagonia, the new safe space for the Animal Farmers, is in full swing. has had the biggest exposure on that important topic in the English language last year and although I haven’t updated it recently, the research is at Fakeopedia;…

    Argentinos y argentinas, por favor únense aquí! Su país es el nuevo Israel según su ministro (ex)-rabbi (((Sergio Bergman)))….!

  2. superfooder

    Sounds like Stephanie is brilliant, chemical-wise, and yet, she is clueless on “viruses”.
    It’s funny how Tom is all on board with her until she starts talking about “viruses”, and he does well to respectfully talk around it, and then end the conversation.
    So Roundup can be the reason why most people are FAT now, and up through the sixties, everyone was thin. Makes sense.

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