3 thoughts on “Posse comitatus out the window

  1. dirtybenny

    Blatant propaganda by the state, likely crafted by the AI. If anyone wanted a clear and present example of fractionation, I present this example. An engineered tailored piece showing the “concerns” of some yet encouraging the conformity of the majority, which is of course, good and necessary. A powerless, politician pawn of one party grandstanding in protest, to reinforce the illusion that government is there to represent the people.

    It really is overwhelming the complexity of the mind control, NLP, and propaganda that goes into such a short piece.

    “Health experts, dangerous new phase, hospitalizations, hotspots, blue color, travel advisory” I doubt that even experienced hypnotists could pack so many subconscious anchors into such a short piece.

    No one born into this realm has freedom from government and its civilization control mechanism.
    The mask is now off of the beast, courtesy of COVID-AI. I prefer to see my adversary, unmasked.

    In my reality, I wouldn’t trust that young UNIFORMed individual to wash my car, let alone interrogate me about my health. Another entrained neuron of the state carrying out its parasitic agenda .

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