4 thoughts on “FAC770-Justagal, Purpleplay

  1. gaia

    Nice to hear the wise and awake ladies with Ab and welcome MoreThanAGal to Fakeologist!

    Deberiamos grabar un podcast en español, que dices? Es un mercado demasiado grande con mucha gente despierta y con ideas interesantes. No puede ser que el segundo idioma de las Américas no está representado!

    Something I didn’t like from the experienced middle aged truth seekers was to hear the fatalism, the defeatism. “Nobody aRISE.s”, “there is no way out”, and other comments in the same direction.

    What about Markus Allen’s XClave efforts? What about Freedom Cells? Or aSHIFT.?

    We need to stand up for ourselves. There is no Qsus Christ coming to save us, we need to do that ourselves.

    JustAGal, si quieres, únete a mi servidor Eye Am Eye Radio y hablemos!

  2. YouCanCallMeAl

    Great call, I have time for talking about the ‘soft’ side of things, the psychology, philosophy of it all, how not to lose one’s humanity in the face of the abyss. In fact, that’s what I am most interested in, more so than the research.

    I think the question for me is something like, “can one undo the crap one took on in school etc, so much so, that we can become something like what we might have been?”

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