Covid Nation

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Good show showing the incredible levels of contradictory propaganda making knowing the truth impossible – propaganda likely created from a single source. This is a goal called disorientation.

We’re in the biggest psyop featuring all media propaganda in the history of the world.

[No Agenda] 1288: 0;Croaker” @adamcurry… via @PodcastAddict

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  1. smj

    That’s how people are duped into doubling down on their favorite actor. Schismogenesis shares the same root with psience and shite of course.

    Schismogenesis is a term derived from the Greek words skhisma “cleft” (borrowed into English as schism, “division into opposing factions”), and genesis, “generation, creation.” The creation of a divide. Anthropologist and OSS intelligence operative Gregory Bateson developed the concept while working for the OSS, and coined the term to describe “progressive differentiation between social groups or individuals.”
    [I]f two groups exhibit symmetrical behavior patterns towards each other that are different from the patterns they exhibit within their respective groups, they can set up a feedback, or “vicious cycle” relation. For example, if boasting is the way they deal with the other group,and if the other group replies to boasting with more boasting, then each group will drive the other into excessive emphasis on the pattern, leading to more extreme rivalry, and ultimately to hostility and the breakdown of the system. .. . Schismogenic behaviors, when put into equations (!) and graphed as curves,are “bounded by phenomena comparable to orgasm.” They reflect conscious or unconscious hopes for release of tension through total involvement.…

    ….gregor(y)’s father taught us to say ‘genetics’ bytheway.

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