Greencrow on Turdeau

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Great commentary from Western Canada.

Greencrow concludes:  Keep in mind, folks that no vaccine has ever been rolled out in months…nevermind years.  It usually takes 10 or more years to put vaccines through animal and then human trials and WAIT FOR THE RESULTS OF THE VACCINES TO BECOME EVIDENT.  Now they say they’re going to have it in barely a year?  Don’t be ridiculous…they’ve had it all ready for years and that’s why the perpZ were so confident to bring in this audacious HOAX last January…they knew they already had the vaccine.  They just needed to put in the terror plan…to set the sheeple up for the walk up the ramp to the slaughter house.  So they got all their 0;Judas Goats” like Bullshit Bonnie on the “case” and manufactured the steady deadly drumbeat of terror.  Can you imagine how a distant “paid-for-by-Baal GateZ1; NGO like The WHO–was able to remotely lock down all humans on the planet???!!!  You don’t think that took YEARS of brainstorming in some THIMPK Tank?

Source: Greencrow As The Crow Flies: Your Covid World: Boris Johnson Pelted with Tennis Balls – Second Czech Lockdown – Turdeau Comes up with 76 Million Doses of Vaccine from Warehouse Pallets. It’s Either a Field Day for Corrupt Politicians or End Times

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  1. xileffilex

    If there’s no new coronavirus, there’s nothing to vaccinate against. If a ‘vaccine’ suddenly appears then it’s symbolic and probably inert – and a huge financial scam. Or the ‘vaccine’ may be put off indefinitely with various phoney stories planted in the MSM similar to the reported ‘death’ in Brazil of a participant in a vaccine trial, which many investigators seem to be swallowing.


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