The root of the problem

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There are a thousand hacking at the branches of this pandemic panic to one striking at the root. Join James Corbett on the streets of as he strikes at the root of the pandemic problem that we are being presented with. Will you accept or reject the new governing principle of society?…

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5 thoughts on “The root of the problem

  1. ricky

    “A bustling fools paradise of masked normality.” Great phrase! Amazing that thousands of miles away here on the Oregon coast, it’s exactly the same.

  2. xileffilex

    I saw this at PoM, posted by Steve Kelly [without datestamp] And sure as night follows day it attracts people calling out JC as C.O.
    I guess the controllers themselves run a fleet of agents jumping on websites discussing what’s going on in 2020 and accusing the content creators of being C.O. Seems self-evident. James’ main thrust is do you own research

    JC is putting out a mountain of information [which we can all follow up and decide for ourselves whether it’s misleading…..] but here’s a recent interview he gave to a channel shut down on youtube which neatly sums up his position on where we are now more than 6 months on from the above presentation.…

    As Ivor Cummins recently pointed out, the enslavement [in my words] started when masks were imposed in the healthiest part of the year in the N. Hemisphere when “cases” and “deaths” were at their absolute minimum, supported by emergency legislation consisting of large financial penalties for failing to obey As Ivor says, there is absolutely no way back from this when it was implemented in June and July.

      1. xileffilex

        I agree – thanks for highlighting. I like JC too, crisp and straight to the point. London is VERY CALM these days – a ghost city, rather than a smart city, though the suburbs are a bustling fool’s paradise of masked normality

        mistake in the date -either Thursday Oct 22 2020 – or Tuesday Oct 20 – make up your own mind! “do your own research”


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