DNA hoax

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They came from Cambridge.

They can take an electron microscope 0;photo” of an atom, but not a picture of the much bigger DNA molecule?

QOR finds:

DNA, does it exist or not? Is it truth mixed with lies? If you read about it, there is a lot of big magical terminology like what is employed in the Western Medicine to make people feel dumb and then impressed. There probably is some code in our blood but why do we need to know this anyways? What good purpose can this serve? I can think of the nefarious purpose of convincing people to get their 0;DNA” in a government database. Also whenever these doctors suggest to do operations to remove body parts, the explanation is because according to your DNA test your genetics are predisposed to this disease or this cancer.

In this video they point out how the magical electron microscope is heavily used to sell DNA. You can put anything under the electron microscope and come up with whatever bullshit you want. I’ve used one in high school and it’s just like a microscope but using a lot of light. It’s just razzle dazzle and they cost a shitload of money.

You have to question this bullshit.

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2 thoughts on “DNA hoax

  1. barbm124

    you can also question Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), if it exists or not. The chemists analyze a substance and identify certain molecules all the time. DNA is like ascorbic acid, just a substance within organic mater. That shouldn’t be the point. The point is, can this substance carry what we call “genetic information” and can we analyze this genetic information as in “sequencing the DNA”? The answer to both of this questions is a “NO” IMO. Sequencing the DNA also includes the currently famous Corona PCR test. It is an indirect method supposedly helping find the order of the bases within the DNA. At the end of EVERY DNA (or PCR) analysis is what they call Gel electrophoresis where they supposedly create a strip pattern which is never the same and has to be read by experts as in “reading tea leaves”. If you don’t see it, you’re not qualified. All scientific papers concerning DNA or PCR methods mention that the results are not reproducible.
    As for electron microscope this QOR authors obviously have no idea what that is. It’s not using a “lot of light”. It uses a small stream of high voltage electrons within a vacuum instead of light and therefore creates a higher resolution pictures any light based device can do. Think of the old cathode ray tube used in old TV’s. That’s how the first electron microscopes were build. They directly projected a magnified picture of the probe on the luminescent screen of the tube. The probes have to be very thin, waterless and metallized. Very thin because otherwise the stream of electrons would not come through, waterless because otherwise the probe would explode in the vacuum and metallized to influence the stream of electrons on the details o the probe. That’s how all electron microscopes work. The main problem is, which wasn’t understood for a long time, that the probes always get heavily denatured and do not show the reality. They show artifacts created in laboratory and not the nature. Cells in this probes are always dying.
    DNA as officially described consists of bazillions of 4-bases codes. The differences between probes are within 1% range of their DNA code. (I’m heavily simplifying here). This differences can only be found on this gel electrophoresis strip patterns and they never explained how they save that kind of data in a database so they can found a match later on. Imagine a database of pictures where you look for a certain one, when your probe is of different origins and different resolution and binary completely different. Your Eye will identify the same picture easily. The computer still can’t. Don’t get me wrong here. Google uses meta tags. It only finds pictures with similar description not similar pictures.


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