Finally trending in enemy media

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Update 10:40:The trend is now wiped from Twitter as quickly as it popped up.

Wonder why now.These guys are not afraid. Will people rebel or acquiese now that the script is loose?…

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6 thoughts on “Finally trending in enemy media

  1. xileffilex

    I think Klaus wants to make us angry – his angrier world as predicted.
    Here’s Dave Cullen again. Pay especial attention at 9:45 and 19:10
    October 27 2020
    Connecting the Dots: Why They’re Doing This

  2. dirtybenny

    I believe the WEF, the great reset, agenda 2030, and COVID-AI are ruses. Conspiracy theory candy.

    Why would these deceptive adversaries lay out their true detailed plans on a publicly accessible website? Why would Klaus write a book laying out the plan?

    To do what is in their nature…..deceive

    1. xileffilex

      Pass. Your move again, Benny. I guess, by inference, that Event 201 and Clade-X were also inside jokes, DAVOS is just a series of coffee mornings and Uncle Klaus just wants to sell a book to make money. Relax everyone. Back to work you slackers!

      1. dirtybenny

        Hi X,
        Not inside jokes, in my opinion, but rather carefully crafted rabbit trails for us to scamper down and obfuscate their true agenda. So we can all recite the details of these elements, like MK-Ultra, CFR, Bilderburg,Operation Northwoods, Mockingbird, Operation Bluebeam, Paperclip, etc, etc, etc….like studying to pass a test. We know all the details they want us to know and we can recite them obediently like saying prayers in church.

        As you have inferred, I agree, money is a total ruse. They print the money. As to coffee mornings, that is what average government administrators do, drink coffee, kibbutz, gossip, and eat donuts. I have experienced it firsthand. They could never execute worldwide precision and coordination of the current operation.

        The clues lie in what THEY are, or IT is desperately petitioning average men to do.

        Wear a face covering or mask.
        Remain in fear.
        Stay away from others.
        VOTE, VOTE, VOTE…..they or it desperately wants our consent. I do not consent.

        I maintain that this is a spiritual war against mankind by entities that are different than us and are adversarial. Most of the elements of this civilization have always been “anti-human.” It has now been revealed and unmasked.

        My only hope in this time is that the adversaries seem extremely desperate to have us comply and consent. I do not consent.

        1. xileffilex

          Good points – I was suspicious why Event 201 was all over Youtube. But on the other hand, it serves to scare only a few of us because 99.9 per cent of the animals on the farm have never heard of it and the MSM don’t talk about it. FoI requests to find out about a known UK drill along these lines go nowhere. I just can’t see the end game is solely making us perform like dancing bears and dress up like clowns. What is vaccination about when there’s nothing to vaccinate against? Or is submitting to have a needle poked into you at close intervals for the purpose of humiliation another end goal? Your list is obviously incomplete, because it won’t stop there. I have always ignored the unprovable like MK Ultra, Georgia Guidestones etc etc – but I submit where we are now is rather different where all the farm managers and media masseurs now seem to have the samer alien inside them. aka “worldwide precision”. But Event 201 has largely come to pass, hasn’t it?
          Ultimate destination unknown. Is Agenda 2030 and achieving the SDGs another ruse? These are certainly fascinating times.


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