Serco: Corporation within the corporation of your country

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Maybe it’s not the Masons, not the Jews, not the Jesuits, but maybe the private corporations and contractors that dominate government today. Could they be the mechanism that makes possible?

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1 thought on “Serco: Corporation within the corporation of your country

  1. xileffilex

    SERCO is a very “one world” UN box-ticking company, one which is destined to survive the reset………
    Environmental – Social – Governance responsibilities are the key: ESG s …delivering the UN SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals…. accompanied by nice diagrams like the WEF spinning wheel/plughole [down which we will all disappear soon]

    Play stakeholder bingo at your will on the above pages.

    where we provide catering in our hospitals, we focus on meeting the specific nutritional needs of all patient care groups, reducing the risks of malnutrition and enhancing care outcomes, which contributes to UN SDG 2, ‘Zero hunger’; and

    No hunger or malnutrition in the hospitals SERCO Runs! Very NWO, very sustainable, very resilient. That’s reassuring.

    They’re laughing at us with all this BS


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