Canadian leaked memo “psyOp” and the Bank of America

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Remember that leaked memo about the Liberal Party of Canada insider that smelled like a psyOp?
Jeff comments on it – and the fact that the Bank of America chief economist says the same thing.

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1 thought on “Canadian leaked memo “psyOp” and the Bank of America

  1. xileffilex

    Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dallio [via the WEF] calls the corona virus and its economic events a “stress test”. [from 9:40] A very convenient one.…
    video – October 20 2020

    quite a revealing discussion moderated by Boerge Brende, President of the WEF also the subsequent contribution from Alan Jope of Unilever.

    No, they’re going ahead with their plan of ushering in global state capitalism brought in as a result of the “stress test”. This is another variant of Schwab’s ‘unique opportunity’ for a great reset.
    also 23:55

    “…corona virus crisis is not the biggest crisis… we have a stacked up set of crises – economic, health, racial equity increasing breakdown of international trade, equality and the big , there’s a climate change crisis which seems to be getting insufficient focus right now ….. a turning point

    All the Agenda 2030 boxes ticked by Mr Unilever, one of the businesses Klaus will want to survive.

    Or is this more nebulous fear porn?


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